Greetings From The Campaign Trail

Dear Friends, Over the past several years I have served as the Chairman of both the Downtown Advisory Commission as well as Economic Development Commission and most recently I have been named to The Standing Committee for the oversight of El Corazon.

Some of the milestones we have achieved are the beginnings of the revitalization in the downtown corridor.

The creation of a new state-of-the-art world class Biotech & Big Pharma hub at Ocean Ranch and have solidified our position in the extremely competitive action sports marketplace by the opening the Southern CalSports Complex at El Corazon.

Our city is going through so many positive changes and I have been very fortunate to have played active role in them.

As a 16 year resident of Oceanside I know how special our city and the surrounding region are. I know the potential we have and what it takes to reach it. I have been a strong leader within the community with a proven track record of results. It is for this that I humbly ask for your confidence and your vote on November 8th.

Your support and confidence will allow me to continue work on issues that affect all Oceanside residence. Such as public safety, transportation and long term economic sustainability. 


Ward M. O’Doherty

Candidate for Oceanside City Council

“We are a city made up of innovators, artists and dreamers we must keep moving forward if we are to reach our full potential not only for ourselves but for future generations.”