When I came to Oceanside sixteen years ago I met a man by the name of Tom Noonan. Aside from his wonderful wife, Billie, and his family, Tom loved nothing more than the city of Oceanside. There is hardly a place or a person in Oceanside that Tom didn’t make better. He quickly introduced me to men and women such as Hatter, Steiger, O’Hara, Barberio, Schroder, Michelle, Bledso-Lacy, La Bounty to name a few. They like him were willing to work tirelessly to make the city they loved better then when they found it.

As I begin my run for Oceanside City Council I think to myself how fortunate I am to live in such a great city and to the men and women who have come before me. It is their legacy and their shoulders that I stand on today.