O’Side Planning and Building

Because of out-dated (1984) building codes, plans and zoning requirements we have begun to see a hodge-podge of building here in Oceanside. They vary in heights, widths, and types of materials and in every color of the rainbow. Out dated regulations along have left our very talented city staff in rather precarious positions.

We must begin to have some sense of continuity. With the boon of projects that are out there on the horizon we must get out ahead of them and have proper plans a guidelines in place.

As Chairman of the Economic Development Commission (ECD) we tried to allocate 1 million dollars a year for five years to update the zoning ordinances. Both city staff and building officials were in agreement that such an undertaking was necessary however; it fell on deaf ears when it the council level. If elected for city council I will work in unison the ECD to modernize Oceanside. We must build with a purpose and a need.

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